Interior Design Services

Project Initiation
Gregory Andrea A.I.A. Architects will meet with you to review the following:

  • Clarify your approval process
  • Project responsibilities and the role of outside consultants.
  • Drawings of existing occupancy and other related information.
  • Invoicing format and procedure
  • Schedule

Predesign – Programming
Gregory Andrea A.I.A. Architects shall consult with you to determine the general requirements of the Project and shall review the understanding of such requirements with you. We shall determine the applicable requirements necessary for the Project’s function or operations, such as those for existing and projected personnel, space, furniture and furnishings, and for adjacencies and special criteria. We shall review the feasibility of achieving your requirements in the space under consideration, which review shall include preliminary blocking and stacking diagrams as required.

Pre-design- Building Evaluation
Once a likely location or locations have been identified, an analysis shall be prepared  on those potential locations based on the information developed during programming. Gregory Andrea A.I.A. Architects along with the mechanical engineer and other consultants retained during pre-design will review the proposed building(s) for its ability to service your needs and shall recommend and upgrades that may be necessary in order to meet your occupancy requirements. We shall prepare a written report of our analysis of each building. If the plan of particular buildings satisfies your planning requirements, Gregory Andrea A.I.A. Architects will review the lease as it applies to construction allowances or work letters, and the disposition and payment of building services. We will develop a preliminary budget based upon the schematic plans, your design objectives and budgets constraints. This preliminary budget might be used to negotiate an allowance from the Landlord

Schematic Design Phase
Gregory Andrea A.I.A. Architects shall review and evaluate with you the program and the Project Budget, if one has been established by you, each in terms of the other. Based on the approved programs, we shall prepare preliminary diagrams showing the general functional relationship of Project components. We shall review with you alternative approaches for designing and carrying out the work. Based on the approved relationship diagrams, we shall prepare sketches and studies of the general layout for review with you. We shall develop the approved general layout into preliminary plans indicating partitions, and standard generic furniture, and studies to establish the design concept of the Project indicating the types and quality of finishes and materials, and furniture and furnishings. We shall provide criteria, direction and assistance to the Project Consultants necessary for them to develop and document the preliminary design concepts for their parts of the Project.

Design Development Phase
Based on the approved Schematic Design and any adjustments requested by you in the schedule or the budget, we shall prepare Design Development drawings and other documents to fix and describe the interior construction, furniture and furnishings, and colors, materials and finishes of the Project. We shall provide the Consultants with drawings and other information necessary for them  to perform their portion of the work and shall review and coordinate the Consultant’s services for conformance with the design intent. We shall provide a detailed Project furniture and furnishings budget. We shall provide sufficient information to you to assist in verifying the Project construction budget.

Contract Documents Phase
Based upon approved Design Development and further adjustments on the scope and the budget for the Project, we shall prepare Contract Documents, consisting of drawings and specifications setting forth in detail the requirements for the construction of the Project. We shall review the Contract Documents prepared by the Project Consultants and shall assist them in the coordination of their portions of the work. We shall assist you in your responsibility to file documents, prepared by us and the Consultants as appropriate to the work, required for the approval of governmental agencies having jurisdiction over the Project. We shall prepare specifications for new furniture and furnishings, and shall prepare drawings and specifications of specialty millwork built-ins. We shall, if required, submit to the building owner progress drawings and final contract Documents for his review and approval. Revisions requested shall be incorporated into the documents upon acceptance and direction by you. We shall, if required, submit to the building owner progress drawings and final contract Documents for his review and approval. Revisions requested shall be incorporated into the documents upon acceptance and direction by you. We shall advise you of any adjustments to the Project Furniture and furnishings budgets indicated by changes in requirements or general market conditions. We shall assist you in obtaining bids or negotiating proposals, and assist in awarding and preparing contracts for interior construction. We shall assist you in evaluating and pre-selecting a furniture dealer, or shall prepare a request for bids, analyze bids and recommend the award of a contract to a furniture dealer.

Construction Administration Phase
Based on the award of a contract for interior construction, and for furniture, furnishings and equipment, we shall provide the following services. We shall meet with the General Contractors as reasonably required to assist in scheduling and expediting the Project, and to provide clarification of Contract Documents. We shall visit the construction site as frequently as reasonably required to monitor the progress of the work and to determine if the work is in accordance with the Contract documents, and shall recommend rejection of work that is not. We shall represent to you that the Contractor’s request for payment are in general correct to the best of our knowledge and belief, and generally shall keep you informed of the status of the project in order to guard you against deficiencies in the work. We shall review and take appropriate action in a timely manner on all Contractor’s submittals such as shop drawings, product data, and samples, prepare supplemental and clarification drawings as required, prepare a list of work to be corrected, and review the corrective work to completion. We shall make regular site visits to determine the dates of Substantial and Final Completion, shall receive and forward to you for your review and records written warranties and related documents required by the Contract Documents and assembled by the Contractor We shall assist the Contractor in acquiring all necessary sign-offs for submittal to the statutory authorities having jurisdiction over the Project, and shall issue final  Certificates for Payment. We shall review the final placement of all items and inspect for damage, quality, assembly and function in order to determine that all furniture and furnishings are delivered and installed in accordance with the Contract Documents.

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