Construction Management

Detailed Construction Schedule
Gregory Andrea A.I.A. Architects will prepare and maintain a comprehensive schedule for construction of the project indicating:

Scope of work for each subcontractor
Starting and Completion dates
Progress to date
Status of long lead time materials and equipment
Pre-purchasing and pre-ordering of materials and equipment

Throughout the construction phase, the schedule will be updated to show the progress of all trades, from shop drawings to fabrication, installation and ultimately, the completion of that trade’s scope of responsibilities. It is through the use of this schedule that we can maintain and make any necessary changes to ensure adherence to completion dates. A date for completing the entire project will be established prior to commencing construction. The initial and all subsequent updated schedules will be provided to the Owner and architect so they too may track the progress of work and comment on any possible problems they foresee. In addition any changes in the client agendas can be addressed and the schedule modified to suit.

Subcontractor Supervision
All subcontractors will be closely supervised throughout the project to ensure that the materials furnished and work performed is in accordance with drawings, specifications and building requirements. Gregory Andrea A.I.A. Architects will coordinate and monitor the performance of all subcontractors to ensure that the project remains on schedule and that all work is executed in accordance with industry standards

Project Administration Services
In order to assure maximum efficiency and productivity throughout the project Gregory Andrea A.I.A. Architects will: Maintain a complete record keeping system that will provide the Owner with all necessary project information on a timely basis. Prepare and control all subcontractor payment schedules. Assemble all guarantees, warranties, operating manuals, drawings, and specifications and gather information as required be the contract documents and forward them to the Owner. Receive, check and review, for approval all claim and waiver of liens required prior to the issuance of the final certificate of payment Submit consolidated monthly invoices for all work performed. Review and approval of subcontractor’s insurance coverage as required

The Principal-in-Charge will spend significant time in the field in order to maintain an open line of communication with the client and architect, as well as consulting with the other levels of Gregory Andrea A.I.A. Architect’s supervision team. The Principal is available to field any major concerns the client may have concerning the project.

The Superintendent is the full time on-site supervisor. He will deal with the day to day coordination of the trades, deal with labor issues as they arise, and meeting with architects and engineers to clarify questions pertaining to the working drawings.

Field Office
The field office will serve as an extension of our home office. Our entire field operation, Principal, Superintendent, the Client, Architect and Engineer will use this office as their home office throughout the progress of the project. The office will be furnished with a conference area for meetings, and a telephone and fax to enable a constant line of communication to the home offices of the subcontractors.

Client Work Changes
Gregory Andrea A.I.A. Architects will receive all work changes, project their effect on the project as to time and cost and advise the Owner.

Punch List Items
Gregory Andrea A.I.A. Architects will supervise and expedite all punch list items to ensure completion in accordance with the construction schedule.

Owner Responsibilities
Approval of Project Construction Budget/schedule- Initial approval of the project budget and schedule by owner insuring full understanding of project goals and scope. Approval and Funding of Pre-Purchased Items- timely approval of pre-purchased items is required to maintain desired schedule. Timely review of Project Invoices/ Change Orders- The subcontracting team working of the project is always highly motivated by prompt payment of invoices. We recommend and request that invoices be paid in a timely fashion, to maintain subcontractor loyalty and focus.

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